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Express Lane Service provides selected services in about one hours time with no appointment necessary. Speed of service and nothing but quality.

A one hour service can include one of the following:
Engine Oil & Filter Change
Safety Inspection
Grips & Footpegs
Brake Pads
Tire Change, Front or Rear
LED Headlights
Tour-Pack Rack

This services provides you with convenience of an upgrade to your motorcycles. It focuses on routine maintenance and simple jobs that can be done quickly as listed above, or other bolt on chrome accessories.

White you wait, check out our "Fit Shop" for alternate handlebars and seats. Our service manager Larry, Steve in parts, or Bob in sales can answer your questions while you wait and determine what fits your motorcycle needs and specifications.

Full Service 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 miles service takes up to three hours and requires an appointment. These services may include some of the following items:

Chrome Front End Kit
Front & Rear Tires
Passing Lamp Kits
LED Turn Signal Kit
Brake Rotors
Bags, etc.

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Employment Application

EXPERT SERVICE TECHNICIAN Plus TECH with 2 yrs experience

Must be MMI Grad with current HD PHDs. Salary based on experience. Benefits: 401K, Health Ins, Vacation, & Holidays.

Call Larry Tues - Sat
or click on "Apply for Job!" button above


Harley-Davidson rider with Auto or MC sales experience. Benefits, Wed to Sun. Must be Drug Free.

Apply online by clicking on the "Apply for Job!" button above

New Laws Affecting Motorcyclists

Effective January 1, 2013:
Motorcycle riders are subject to a fix-it ticket if a peace officer stops them for loud mufflers. The law only applies if the original equipment muffler, or aftermarket replacement muffler has been manufactured after January 1, 2013 and does not have a federal EPA noise emission label. If the exhaust system in question was built before January 1, 2013, NO CITATION can be issued under CVD 27202.1

A rider can only be cited if first stopped for something else. Citation shall be treated as mechanical violation, or fix-it tickets, which will be dismissed by the court for a nominal fee with proof of correction.

$50 to $100 for first conviction
$100 to $250 for second & subsequent citations

For more info, go to

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