Our FIT SHOP EXPERTS are here to share years of experience and priceless knowledge. They've helped many other riders find the perfect combination of seat, suspension, hand and foot controls to maximize their riding comfort and enjoyment. Stop by and see for yourself. We're here to help FIND YOUR FIT!

FOUR KEY AREAS to enhance your feeling of control and confidence with a natural position, having all controls at just the right reach. Consider these four adjustable areas to confirm your riding fit:

Where the bar postions your hands, wrist and arms directly affect how you feel on the motorcycle. The shapes of the bar determaines your reach to the hand controls and, therefore, your overall comfort and feeling of control.

For maximum comfrot, a broad seating surface distributes weight to reduce pressure points, and a narrow, tapered thigh zone provides easier reach to the ground. A Reduced Reach Seat holds the rider in a commanding position, lessening the reach to hand controls, foot controls, and the ground.

A long stretch of the controles or a "knees-high" cramped riding position puts strain on your body after even a short ride. Repositioning your feet on the controls relieves muscle tension, takes pressure off the tail bone, and reduces rider fatigue.

Combining a narrow seat and a low-profile suspension is the easiest way for a shorter rider to fit comfortably on a larger bike. Consider lowering your suspension to fit your measurements or your style.